alek lindus was born in Paris 1965 and educated by Greece since 1976. Studied fine arts in the UK and is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece. She has been working photographically with film and old cameras since 2006 and almost exclusively polaroid since 2015.


The closest thing you get to life in a photographic image is a polaroid - it is an exchange with the moment that you cannot fabricate or adjust - a chemical process that interacts with the environment at the time of the shot; be it a snap outside or a staged story, it gives you an image of everything. The only thing that adjusts a polaroid is time - in our obsession with illusion we have created for ourselves the perfect medium - one that produces surprises. Like life - you only think you control everything.



  • shots | male-female issue 2009
  • Descry Magazine | catalogue of the night 10/2010
  • femmefotale | IssueV | health | spring 2019
  • shots | ordinary magic | spring 2019

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