archives and camera failures

The benefits of the medication i’m taking are the long mornings mentioned in the last post, and the positive attitude (well I don’t put all of that down to meds).What I have noticed as I go through my photos in the dark am’s is that so many images I’d dismissed have started coming through in a different light. I’m not claiming photographic masterpieces, just more value than I initially gave them. So I thought to start posting some here in a different context.

On another note, yesterday I wanted to take some pola’s with my SX70 and bam the mirror jammed, so I get the other one, not a sleek alpha1 chrome and tan but a good workhorse, and press shoot with the remote… nothing! I mean nothing. ejection defunct. 3 blank images later, this is expensive shit; I get something. Not happy - now in need of a reliable functional SX70 or the terrors of delving into the cameras’ innards.

Anyway here are 4 images from 2013 which were 600 film in the SX but I like the results and love the colour.

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