Earthquakes and mayhem

around 2:30 yesterday as we were driving back from Karlovassi, a town on the north west side of the island, my mother loses control of the car, says I think we have a flat tire, so she pulls over in a space and gets out to check. I remained in the car which is shaking like there are 4 thugs around it trying to tip it over.  its not the tire there’s something wrong with the car; at which point we realise whats going on. We just happened to arrive at a place in the middle of the island which has no signal. I crossed the road all the time the earth is heaving and find some signal there. lots of phone calls come. We continue driving at snails pace, meantime I’m checking for fallen buildings or big cracks but see none. when we hit the next village everyone is on the street - luckily still no fallen buildings, I was expecting to arrive home and find the house collapse on itself with John and the dogs inside. None of that was the case; I also remembered that the guy who did the cement foundation and columns of the house put enough metal in to build a mini war ship. John fine, Nefeli totally freaked out she’s practically moved outside, Perry just barking at all tremors. Turns out the fault line on our side, 5.5k long had subsided under the Turkish one taking a lot of water with it. It was dramatic, tremors continued almost incessantly and no electricity, no phone signal either but not for too long.Today is a bit calmer, but still continuous tremors and jolts. They are expecting more big shakes.. . or another big one.

the worst damage seems to be in Samos town, where they are already on their knees economically, 7k refugees and anything else that might come along this strange year to hit you in the face. there they had a tidal wave that damaged most of the shops on the sea front, and tragically 2 middle school kids who died when a wall collapsed on them.

Karlovassi had a hard time too, much damage to old buildings and they have magnificent old buildings there - which brings me to my beloved tanneries where I hear the damage is extensive. i’ve been shooting there for 20 years now, i  knew they wouldn’t stay forever now its all going to be razed - so i’ll end with a few pictures of them - and say what else can happen this year? 

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