chronicles of svala beach

Chronicles of Svala Beach
I’ve been photographing the beach at the end of our road for 20 years. From 2008 I started using a Holga and got more dedicated to our moments on the beach. Lots of initial mistakes with the camera on B gave me some super mysterious blown out images but after a while it became a record of our time down there. The photos are mostly social, family, friends, still days long drawn out moments. 

But there has also been a severe fluctuation down there.
At the East end of what is a kilometre long beach facing North is a small rocky promontory - it creates a tiny bay at that end and also changes with the winds and the almost negligible tide of the moon in the Mediterranean. When the beach is big on summer days there is also a passage through the rocks. The main feature there is a separate rock we call the shark - I don’t think its separate but connected to the whole formation there but it’s change of position throughout the seasons is fascinating. 

The beach overall has lost maybe 10 buildings to the sea since i’ve lived on the island (30 years) but that is mostly towards the middle and west end of it - I do have some record of that but its for another post - probably somewhere between 20 - 50 metres in various parts has gone to the sea in that time.
I thought I would ‘chronicle’ the work I have on here in stages so this is the first - the shark. 

walking in the clouds

It’s often a chase, you get up the mountain and they just get higher, but occasionally those clouds sit there and envelope you in their visual simplicity; isolating details, framing scenes.

Three cameras, an SX70 with well cooked colour film from the summer, the SLR680 with what could be described as more reliable recent film. and the goose, yep we were in a truck and not on foot. The 6oose with fuji 100c failed to release the pull tab after 2 shots - but hey I like the limitations. And we had a great time Gabi and I.

the fuji shots I still haven’t reclaimed the negatives and the 3rd one is obviously not in the clouds but I wanted to see how much light exposure I got after opening the back to pull out the tab with some pliers.

‘when life gives you lemons’ at Fotagogos

I’m immensely pleased to have had the opportunity to do this exhibition at one of my favourite spots in Athens. It’s given me a lot of strength and focus in what has been a hefty recovery period from Gamma knife radiation in September. Its also allowed me to express another side to this whole story. Thank you to Rodakio - Fotagogos and especially to Julia Tsiakiris for the opportunity.

The opening night was a blast because so many friends turned up from near and far, and those who came before and helped with the setting up of pictures and various last minute printing projects. I’m also pleased to have met new people and be able to chat with them.

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