a recap on 2019 - full of ups and downs

2019 was blitzed by the cancer colonising my brain - it feels like it was totally blitzed but there was some good and exciting things happening before I got struck sideways at the end of June. It was hard because this time it wasn’t about choices, well lets face it with cancer the choices are pretty fucked whichever way you turn. It started with an epileptic fit and finished with 12 hours of gamma radiation after a full surgical removal. it felt like a violation. Its my brain so I guess it would. And then? well i’m still in shock, waiting for the radiation to do its worst on the tumors affecting mobility eyes and balance. Its coming back slowly but focusing a frame is a bit of a bitch.
On the other hand I had some wonderful opportunities this year - a very pleasant convergence of opportunities to show some work in some exhibitions around Europe. Paris in November being the last of the year but not least by any means.

The gallery was a dream and the show under Stefan’s excellent curatorship was brilliant.

I was also very pleased to be in this show - ‘shadow is a colour’ amongst great female company - in Barcelona which  travelled to a number of locations after its initial venue.

Then there was another exhibition with expolaroid in Romania at the Cosman Foundation under the title ‘entre chien et loup’

Then there was Arles but by that time the shit had hit the fan, on the day and time I was meant to be flying to Marseille I ended up being put under anaesthetic and having a 3.5cm tumour surgically removed from my brain - I suppose its a different sort of travel. I was very sad to have missed that opportunity, though it was great to be on the poster and catalogue cover

Last but not least was inclusion in shots magazine spring issue 

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